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Are you one of the millions of frustrated taxpayers who owe back taxes and are in need of some tax debt relief? Are the penalties and interest just piling up and it seems like there is no end to your tax debt? Have you been threatened with levies and garnishments against your wages and/or bank account? You are not alone. Don’t let your tax liability take over your life, we can help you with tax debt relief and get your life back on track. Premier Tax Resolutions is a nationwide firm that specializes in tax debt resolution. We have successfully brought thousands of individuals a permanent solution to their tax burden; achieving the best possible tax debt relief results for our clients across a wide range of tax debt issues. We can help you:

  • Resolve Personal and Small Business Tax Issues
  • Negotiate Payment Plans That Fits Your Budget
  • Remove IRS and/or State Wage Garnishments/Levies
  • Release Bank Levies Immediately
  • Remove Tax Liens To Rebuild Credit/Obtain A Loan!
  • Reduce Your Tax Debt Up To 85% of What You Owe*
  • Remove Penalties From Your Tax Liability*

* If Qualified

Here at Premier Tax Resolutions we are dedicated to providing the best tax debt relief service in the nation. For more information feel free to call us today for your free confidential consultation about options available to get you the tax debt relief you sorely need.

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The Tax Debt Relief Facts:

The Bad News…

Tax Debt Relief CompanyFor most of you reading this for tax debt relief, the chances are high that your tax indebtedness has already been assigned to the collections department of the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS collections department is empowered to collect all taxes, interest and penalties from you by any means necessary. Be forewarned, it only gets worse from here. Anyone who does not address a tax liability in a timely manner will be relentlessly pursued by IRS collections. The IRS will seize your assets including wages and bank accounts. Levies and garnishments of your accounts and your income will be absolutely enforced. For most people, this aggressive collection will likely hinder and even halt your ability to pay day to day living expenses such as food, rent, utilities etc. This is not meant to scare you, but to illustrate what is truly on the horizon for anyone who fails to quickly get a handle on their tax liability. Time is of the essence and you must get PROACTIVE about your tax debt relief instead of waiting for the inevitable financial mechanisms of IRS recovery actions and impossibly high deductions of income garnishments imposed on you by the IRS!

The Good News…

Here at Premier Tax Resolutions, not only can we help you remove IRS liens, levies and/or garnishments, we may even be able to help you reduce your overall tax liability (tax debt relief) and stop all collection activity dead in its tracks. If you qualify, the IRS has programs that enable you to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. Let us go to work on your behalf to give you a fresh start and assist you with the tax debt relief that you need today.

tax debt relief

Eight Point Service Plan:

The following is a list of tax debt relief services that Premier Tax Resolutions can provide to help you get out from under this tax liability and your current circumstances.

  1. Investigation: First, we contact the I.R.S. immediately in order to petition for a temporary stay on any continuing collection activity and we will obtain information necessary to ascertain the breakdown of your tax liability, including statutory interest and penalties.
  2. Prepare Back & Current Tax Returns which will put you in compliance in order to resolve your tax liability.
  3. Release wage and/or bank levies in 3-5 business days in most cases.
  4. Reduce overall tax debt up to 85% if you qualify for the “Offer in Compromise.”
  5. Remove penalties the I.R.S. has imposed for non-compliance (not filing or making payments on debt) via the “Penalty Abatement” application.
  6. Get you on an installment payment plan that fits your budget. Negotiate settlements on your terms not the terms of the I.R.S.
  7. Lien Release or Subordination (if applicable): We will prepare a petition for a release of your federal tax lien allowing you to clear your credit and get a loan or refinance your home to pay-off your tax liability in one lump sum.
  8. Your tax lien will be removed, freeing up your financial life and allowing you to rebuild your credit (tax debt relief).

WHY Choose US?

Our tax professionals provide you over 8 decades of collective experience in tax debt relief. We are authorized to operate before the I.R.S. on your behalf. Instead of having only one person dealing with your tax problem, with Premier Tax Resolutions, you’ll be getting a “tax team” working diligently to resolve your issues. In addition to our exceptional knowledge and experience in this field, we offer true personalized service. Through regular communication, monthly updates and a Premier Account Representative who will assist you from start to completion of your tax debt relief.

To date, Premier Tax Resolutions boasts a 97% Offer in Compromise success record. This is due to the stringent qualifying method used to determine eligibility required of us by the I.R.S, thereby producing a history of satisfied clientele. We stand apart from our competitors for tax debt relief solutions. We don’t take on more clients than we can effectively manage. Therefore all of our clients are always properly serviced. This practice ensures our ability to give attention to detail, quality representation and our very best service all the time. You will receive world class customer service with us because we believe in taking pride in servicing our customers with dignity and excellence. We have an ‘A’ Rating with the BBB since our inception.

relief from tax liability is good medicine

The I.R.S. has given you the ability for a second chance…
take advantage of it!

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Contact Us! We are confident that after you hire us, PREMIER TAX RESOLUTIONS CAN HELP guide you through the I.R.S maze and save you thousands of dollars, giving you much needed and deserved tax relief! We look forward to working with you and getting your life back on track.

“At Premier Tax Resolutions, we can save you thousands of dollars and give you piece of mind… all at the same time”.