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Stop IRS Levy: The Bad News

Stop IRS Levy

Stop IRS LevyIf you have been levied or threatened to be levied by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the best course of action is to seek professional assistance immediately to stop IRS levy. There are two types of levies, a bank levy and a wage levy/garnishment which are used in most cases by the IRS. You should not try and deal with this matter alone because once you are in the collections department of the IRS; it is like going against an army with a handgun. In most cases, the IRS has gone years waiting for you to address this liability; after a period of time (and/or a dollar amount) they have chosen not to wait any longer to get what they believe is due to them, by any means necessary which may include coming after your bank account and wages, at the same time. If your bank account has been levied, the bank is obligated (by law) to “freeze” your money for 20 days before turning it over to the IRS on day 21 and you will not be able to touch your money that was in your account when they received the notice as long as the levy is open. It is best to stop IRS levy within the 20-day window because it becomes more difficult to get your money released or returned afterward. If your wages have been levied, your employer is only allowed to give you a small percentage of your take home pay until the levy is released or the debt paid. Either way, this hindrance can bring financial hardships to your life in a very short period of time especially if you are struggling to pay your bills already, you will need to stop IRS levy as soon as possible.

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Stop IRS Levy Good News

Fortunately, you have us to help you stop IRS levy and put this behind you. We can get most levies and garnishments released in 3-5 business days in most cases. Premier Tax Resolutions, Inc. has experienced tax professionals, enrolled agents and a tax attorney working hard on your behalf to bring you piece of mind, reduce your stress, stop the confusion, and your worries about checks bouncing and bills going unpaid. Without knowing your rights and the laws regarding how to stop IRS levy, it is very difficult to confront the IRS alone. At Premier Tax Resolutions, we’re here to help: there is no obligation when you contact us for a consultation, and we will only take your case if we truly feel you have a chance of succeeding. Once you become a client, we will assign our team of tax experts to your case to stop IRS levy and get you back on track. You will be getting a firm with integrity backed by an “A” rating as an Accredited Member of the BBB.

Stop IRS Levy: Your Options

Stop IRS Levy Fast

In order to stop IRS levy, you will need to provide us with all the information about your tax debt and your present financial circumstances during our initial confidential consultation. Once we have the facts, we’ll explain your options and move quickly toward a resolution to stop IRS levy. These may include a payment agreement with reasonable payments or an IRS ‘offer in compromise’  where you can settle your account for a fraction of what you owe.  If you can’t make payments at all without it causing a hardship, we will petition for your account to get classified as currently not collectible. We have been working on cases just like yours for more than seven decades collectively and have been able to resolve even the most challenging situations.

We’re Here To Help to Stop IRS Levy

Stop IRS LevyCall us today, toll free at 1-800-544-0146 or e-mail us any time via our Contact Us page to find out more about the options available to you, what we do and how we can help you stop an IRS tax levy dead in its tracks. If you qualify, not only can we bring you peace of mind with regards to your levy but we may be able to save you a large percentage (50%-85%) off of your tax debt at the same time. Procrastination is usually how most people get to this point to begin with. Do not delay regarding this matter any longer! To know more about these options on how to stop IRS levy, please take a look at our Premier Tax Resolution’s Home page or call us directly.

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